The task was to develop an ice cream concept, which should be build with a mould. 


Team - Fabienne Morio | Maria Wollberg

Material - Glycerinsoap

2. Semester | HTW Berlin | SS18 | Prof. Birgit Weller, Adrian Peach


Our ice cream is an eye-catcher on every summer party. Whether at a rooftop bar, garden wedding or on a barbecue at home. It is a new experience and can be enjoyed as an ice cream as well as a cocktail. The variety is endless and can also function as an non-alcohol experience. 


To get the alcohol inside the ice-cream the herbs and fruits simply have to soak it in before freezing it all together. The silicon form is simple and allows you to easily produce your own cocktail ice. 


While slowly melting it transform from ice cream to cocktail.